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  1. WWI vet celebrates his 112th birthday
  2. PoW dies 67 years after torture by Nazis
  3. Great War veteran dies aged 107
  4. One of Britain's greatest WW2 flying aces dies after one last flight with his wife
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  9. Group Captain the Earl of Ilchester
  10. Vfw
  11. WWII Fighter Pilot Ace Besby Holmes Dies
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  13. Tommy Smith, wartime Mosquito pilot and McIndoe guinea-pig
  14. Missing World War II Airmen Identified
  15. Staff Sergeant Geoff Barkway
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  17. A promise made, a promise kept and a MOH
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  19. Navy Monument Sought at Normandy
  20. Medal of Honor recommended for Korean War veteran
  21. Korean War MIA to be Buried
  22. VFW offers free calls home from Iraq on Mother's Day
  23. Earl Jellicoe - My Army
  24. 90-year-old veteran's final jump
  25. Real life 'Charlotte Gray' honoured for war heroics
  26. Capt John Maxwell
  27. Previously 'Unknown' Pearl Harbor Victim Reburied With Full Honors
  28. PoW pilot who inspired the Great Escape dies at the age of 102
  29. Pardon possible for WW1 soldier shot as coward
  30. Frozen WWII Airman Gets Proper Burial
  31. Oldest WWI survivor to get freedom of home town
  32. Wing Commander 'Bunny' Currant
  33. Grandson of Royal Navy hero honours war dead in Norway
  34. WWII Fighter Ace Robert L. Scott Dies at 97
  35. 'Superman' turns 105: He's youngest of Canada's 3 remaining First World War vets
  36. Raising of the U.S. Flag at Iwo Jima
  37. RAF Memorial service honours wartime bomber crew
  38. Belated honor for ex-POW in World War II
  39. Colonel Ken Harvey
  40. WWII Resistance Fighter Who Arrested Mussolini Dies at 81
  41. Colonel John Gunn
  42. Prisoner's list proves Gurkha lifeline
  43. Colonel Derek Brown
  44. U.S. Victory Lost in History
  45. Saving Private Townsend: how one son escaped the trenches
  46. Ex-PoWs find it hard to forgive horrors of the Death Railway
  47. Last wounded vet of World War I dies in St. Petersburg
  48. Veterans’ Voices: Private Arthur Barraclough recalls World War I
  49. Street named after WWII Mancunian Victoria Cross winner
  50. Legion asks nation to remember Forgotten Army