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  1. 9th Infantry Regiment - Manchu
  2. SA Forces Club History
  3. VF-32 Fighting Swordsmen
  4. Queen pays tribute to Falklands fallen
  5. Thatcher: 'Iraq forces can draw hope from Falklands'
  6. Chain of Command
  7. We were flying into unknown, says pilot who led bombing of Falklands
  8. Thatcher's tribute to the Fallen of the Falklands
  9. 'Task Force Trudi' and the seeds of resistance
  10. Margaret Thatcher's War
  11. Descendants of Admiral John Byng demand pardon
  12. Nationalists fight ‘lie’ of Rape of Nanking
  13. Records of First World War soldiers go online
  14. SAS founder's life story to be made into a film
  15. Pakistan asks tourists to Churchill's battlefield
  16. 1914-18: the war of the words
  17. Battle of Jena: Napoleon's Double Knock-out Punch
  18. How hunger cost Cook's apprentice an old sea dog
  19. NTC Great Lakes THE SEVENTIES
  20. NTC History -- The Sixties
  21. The Battle of Mogadishu
  22. The Battle at Ap Bac Changed America's View of the Vietnam War
  23. Battle of Antietam: Carnage in a Cornfield
  24. John Paul Jones and Asymmetric Warfare
  25. Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale: Vietnam War Hero and Indomitable Spirit
  26. Gettysburg: Who Really Fired the First Shot?
  27. The Fall of Vicksburg
  28. America's Civil War: 17th Maine Infantry in Gettysburg
  29. IKE - Countdown to D-Day
  30. The Battle of Gettysburg (July 1 – July 3, 1863),
  31. Peter Francisco: American Revolutionary War Hero
  32. For you edumakated types...
  33. The movie "Proud" a true story
  34. Lakotas: Feared Fighters of the Plains
  35. Battle of Gettysburg: Major Eugene Blackford and the Fifth Alabama Sharpshooters
  36. The Korean War: A Fresh Perspective
  37. Richard Jellerson: A Huey Pilot's Insights on the Helicopter War
  38. Fourteen Days At Nhi Ha
  39. Douglas MacArthur's Last Triumph
  40. American Prisoner of War in the Philippines:1899
  41. Aerial Warfare: Fighters in Transition
  42. Peyton C. March: Greatest Unsung American General of World War I
  43. George Custer: Between Myth and Reality
  44. Battle of Gettysburg: Fighitng at Little Round Top
  45. Operation Marauder: Allied Offensive in the Mekong Delta
  46. Alfred Thayer Mahan: The Reluctant Seaman
  47. The 'Burning Shame' of Chancellorsville
  48. Battle of Shiloh: Caught by Surprise
  49. Shiloh: Devil's Own Day
  50. Day One at Chancellorsville
  51. 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry in the Battle of Hoa Hoi
  52. 1861 French Conquest of Saigon: Battle of the Ky Hoa Forts
  53. Clash of Kings at Towton: England's Bloodiest Day
  54. Terrorism in the Ancient Roman World
  55. Captain Francis Drake At Nombre De Dios
  56. Billy Mitchell: An Air Power Visionary
  57. The Battle of Blenheim
  58. George Smalley: Reporting from Battle of Antietam
  59. Battle of Shiloh: Shattering Myths
  60. Air Warfare in the Middle East: The F-4 Phantom
  61. 54th Massachusetts Regiment: A Gallant Rush for Glory
  62. Escape maps for PoWs were hidden in prunes
  63. Soldiers of Fortitude: The Grande Armee of 1812 in Russia
  64. The Battle of Agincourt
  65. Civil War History
  66. Andy Rooney, war correspondent
  67. 1945 Bataan recaptured
  68. The Tet Battles of Bien Hoa and Long Binh
  69. Military Planes
  70. General who lost his wife to the American Revolution
  71. Author explodes myth of the gunmetal VC
  72. Grand Union Flag
  73. Battle of Jutland
  74. Fort Wagner and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  75. Battle Of Agincourt:
  76. The History Of Veteran's Day
  77. Beirut Barracks Blown Up:
  78. 200 years since Nelson did his duty
  79. Iraq: Learning the Lessons of Vietnam
  80. The Battle That Changed The World
  81. Nelson planned to use submarines and mines
  82. The Birth of the Navy of the United States
  83. The Early Rangers
  84. U. S. Coast Guard A Historical Overview
  85. What Does "D-Day" Mean
  86. Anchors Aweigh
  87. The Battle of Agincourt
  88. US Military History