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  1. The Movie American Carol is GREAT
  2. GI Pictures
  3. Hostages Seized by Pirates Return Home
  4. Blaiadhna mhath ur from Donald
  5. Good news for ya Covert...
  6. See assume action from Hal3
  7. Miss Moneypenny passes on
  8. Saw Iv
  9. Title of new 'Indiana Jones' revealed
  10. War Heroes in Hollywood
  11. CNN Presents "Gods Warriors"
  12. The Kingdom
  13. Ocean Of FEAR>>Worst Shark Attack Ever: USS Indianapolis
  14. Indiana Jones 4
  15. "Indigenes" Days of Glory
  16. LeAnn Rimes Helps Wounded Vet
  17. Paris Hilton checks into L.A. jail
  18. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  19. Transformers
  20. Rosie O'Donnell Crosses the Line Big Time!
  21. Shrek the Third
  22. Tim McGraw Salutes our Fallen Heroes...a Must Watch!
  23. 18-year-old California woman scales Everest, becoming youngest to complete 'seven sum
  24. Spider-Man 3
  25. The office
  26. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
  27. Tarantino up for top Cannes prize
  28. The Sopranos
  29. Drive
  30. Sam Raimi to direct HOBBIT...
  31. Pathfinder
  32. In the Land of Women
  33. Fracture
  34. Vacancy
  35. Hot Fuzz
  36. "Harry Potter" pre-orders break bookseller record
  37. On This Day...
  38. Flash Gordon returns
  39. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
  40. Year of the Dog
  41. Disturbia
  42. Perfect Stranger
  43. Are We Done Yet?
  44. The Hoax
  45. The Reaping
  46. Grindhouse A+
  47. Iraqi Singer Wins Arab Pop Idol Contest
  48. Harry Potter, British adult cover
  49. new Star Wars stamps
  50. Spears 'signs divorce settlement'
  51. Final 'Harry Potter' cover, US
  52. Final Potter book jacket unveiled, British
  53. South Park show 'kills the Queen'
  54. The Pursuit of Happyness
  55. Children of Men
  56. Indy 4, other news...
  57. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  58. Blades of Glory
  59. Shooter staring Mark Wahlberg
  60. Nobody wrote anything about 300?!
  61. Miss Tennessee crowned new Miss USA.
  62. Another "Incompetent" Reporter
  63. Willie Nelson starts record company.
  64. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  65. Welcome to the 'Met" Opera
  66. Bob Barker up for 18th Daytime Emmy.
  67. Captain America Is Dead; National Hero Since 1941
  68. Paris Hilton may have probation revoked.
  69. Britney picked luxurious rehab center
  70. "The Marines" Wed 2-21-07 on PBS
  71. The Hills Have Eyes 2
  72. Gabor husband may be Smith's baby's dad
  73. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007]
  74. Anna Nicole Smith dies after collapse
  75. Vote for Grammies- Staten Islander be the one
  76. Sympathy for a Devil: Hannibal, Manic Avenger
  77. California, Pennsylvania win final Miss America preliminary
  78. Kidman in crash during LA movie shoot.
  79. Dreamgirls' leads Oscar race with 8 nominations
  80. Denny Doherty, Mamas and Papas Singer, Is Dead at 66
  81. How OLD Are Our Favorite "Girls?"
  82. Movie veterans set for Golden Globe honors.
  83. Ex-Miss Nevada Back to Work in Sin City
  84. Globes Do Away with Goody Bags
  85. The Lady Munster Dies
  86. Rosie O'Donnell Blows up at "Liar" Barbara Walters
  87. Suzanne Somers Puts Foot In Mouth
  88. We Are Marshall' is anything but a true story
  89. Britney Sends "Dear Fans" Letter
  90. Indiana Jones 4
  91. Jeopardy!" and "Wheel" set through 2012 By Kimberly Nordyke
  92. Live Free or Die Hard
  93. Denver Broncos football player shot, killed
  94. Scoop! Top 10 Ugliest Breakups of 2006
  95. Jeffersons Star Dead
  96. Legendary singer James Brown, the 'Godfather of Soul,' dies in Atlanta hospital at 73
  97. Charlotte's Web
  98. A Christmas Story bonanza
  99. Title of Harry Potter 7 revealed
  100. MADD severs ties with Miss Teen USA
  101. Barbera dies at 95
  102. Trump Gives Miss USA Second Chance
  103. Marijuana top US cash crop.
  104. Save the Date! December 27th, Sesame Street's Primetime Special, "When Parents are De
  105. Miss USA in danger of losing crown due to behavior
  106. Apocalypto
  107. Spears says she went 'a little too far
  108. Eastwood film wins first award of Oscar season.
  109. Apprentice 4 makes startling announcements.
  110. Peter Jackson Won't Direct "Hobbit"
  111. Michael Richards (Kramer) shouts racial slurs
  112. O.J. Simpson book, TV special canceled
  113. Oscar-winning actor Jack Palance dies.
  114. Britney Spears files for divorce in L.A.
  115. Screenwriter Leonard Schrader dies at 62
  116. Kanye West sore loser at MTV Europe Awards.
  117. Bob Barker retiring after 50 years on TV.
  118. Why this King has earned his tributes
  119. very nice music vid by Aussie Beccy Cole
  120. "24" Countdown to season 6
  121. From Chinese jail to Miss Tibet? A girl's dream.
  122. Anna Nicole Gains Baby Daddy, Loses Lawyer.
  123. John Lennon's killer denied parole again
  124. Rocky Balboa more time
  125. Esquire: Scarlett Johansson `Sexiest.
  126. 18-year-old Czech wins Miss World 2006
  127. ''The Office
  128. Iron Man role for actor Downey Jr
  129. Director Jackson signs Xbox deal
  130. Dr Who 'longest-running sci-fi'
  131. Jet Li's Fearless
  132. Madonna defends being "crucified"
  133. Flyboys
  134. Jackass Number Two
  135. All the King's Men
  136. More "HOBBIT" talk...
  137. HOBBIT movie???
  138. "Flyboys"
  139. 'Apocalypto'
  140. 'Survivor'
  141. Battlestar Galactica webisodes
  142. Star Wars DVD
  143. The Covenant
  144. The Black Dahlia
  145. Pretty in Pink: Everything's Ducky Edit
  146. Grey's Anatomy: Season Two
  147. My Name Is Earl: The Complete First Season
  148. The Office: Season Two
  149. Madonna space flight plan snubbed
  150. Bridget Jones pants fetch £2,000
  151. Star Trek gets digital makeover
  152. Dixie Chicks backlash film debuts
  153. Brother death 'natural' says Penn
  154. Spears 'gives birth to baby son'
  155. Irwin tribute tickets spark rush
  156. Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Radical Christianity is Just as Threatening as Radical Islam’
  157. Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son dies.
  158. "The Marine"
  159. "Pirates" Booty Hits $1 Billion.
  160. Paris Hilton arrested for drunk driving.
  161. November launch date for HD-DVD
  162. Weisz ignores film festival boos
  163. Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank
  164. Microsoft sees room to challenge Apple's iPod
  165. Wal-Mart to be ESPN Monday Night Football sponsor
  166. The Wicker Man
  167. Crank
  168. Yes, that's Cousin Oliver
  169. Which British TV show would you remake?
  170. 'Battlestar' webisodica beginicas
  171. Tom Cruise apologizes to Brooke Shields
  172. United 93 DVD
  173. Lost: The Complete Second Season
  174. Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin dies
  175. Peter Jackson producing another DAM (Busters) remake?
  176. New Bach manuscripts found
  177. Readers spot Harry Potter error
  178. Jittery CBS affiliates balk at "9/11" documentary
  179. The Ruins
  180. Top directors in Venice slam Bush
  181. Glenn Ford, longtime leading man, dies.
  182. Beatles' Pepper tops album poll
  183. Rob Reiner attacks Gibson's films
  184. Probe into Peter Pan sequel leak
  185. Google makes novels free to print
  186. 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'
  187. Trailer Blazer: 'Bug'
  188. The world's most annoying song
  189. How to Eat Fried Worms
  190. Beerfest
  191. Lured By the 'Rings'
  192. CNN sorry for Bush speech gaffe
  193. Invincible
  194. TV Review: Inside The Twin Towers
  195. Medieval 2: Total War
  196. Stargate shut by Sci Fi Channel
  197. Airport rules 'costing musicians'
  198. Smoke's no joke for Tom and Jerry
  199. Swedish blunder puts porn on news
  200. Judge lets Blockbuster anti-trust suit proceed
  201. 'Lost': A little dirt on season 3
  202. Will we ever see 'Indiana Jones 4'?
  203. 'Lost': Grab an Apollo bar
  204. With no Harry Potter, US book awards wide open
  205. Paramount cuts ties with Tom Cruise
  206. Reviewing the Reviews: 'Snakes on a Plane'
  207. Ken Tucker on Spike Lee's powerful Hurricane Katrina documentary
  208. new 'Star Trek' bible
  209. Monster 'House'
  210. Craig signs for second Bond film
  211. Craig lands role in Pullman film
  212. Punk celebrates 30 years of subversion
  213. Johnny Depp to play Sweeney Todd
  214. Boy George finishes sweeping up
  215. Lee slams Katrina rescue effort
  216. Rushdie jumps to Grass's defence
  217. Child singer wins US talent show
  218. Osment in drink and drug charge
  219. Gibson told to attend AA meetings
  220. Trust the Man
  221. Snakes on a Plane
  222. Rome: The Complete First Season
  223. Trailer Blazer: 'Infamous'
  224. J.J. Abrams talks 'Lost' and 'Star Trek'
  225. Another Gay Movie
  226. The Illusionist
  227. Half Nelson
  228. Indecency fine for Pussycat Dolls
  229. Jack Black to host MTV award show
  230. Bond film stage to be demolished
  231. 9/11 film in 'strong' opening day
  232. Robin Williams in alcohol rehab
  233. 'Stalemate' for high-def DVD war
  234. HELLBOY 2 defeats two studios'
  235. SIMPSON'S MOVIE footage from Comic Con
  236. THE REAPING with Hilary Swank!!!
  237. Grindhouse
  238. The Night Listener
  239. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  240. The Descent
  241. World Trade Center
  242. For All You Fans of Star Trek
  243. Are violent video games really a problem?
  244. Gibson's tirade against Jews hurt his career?
  245. ABC pulls Mel Gibson Holocaust miniseries
  246. Meat Loaf resolves "Bat out of Hell" suit
  247. Don't kill Harry Potter
  248. Gibson asks forgiveness
  249. Star Trek XI
  250. The Dark Knight