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  1. Passing of a genuine hero
  2. The Military Mom
  3. Overstretched American special forces hit the language barrier
  4. SpecOps unit nearly nabs Zarqawi
  5. Vehicle Escort
  6. Defense Leader Thanks Lawmakers for Support of Special Ops Forces
  7. Two spec ops units certified for deployment, get missions for next year
  8. SOCOM Transforming to Lead Global War on Terrorism
  9. Special Operations Forces 'Play a Leading Role' in Terror Fight
  10. Eod
  11. Special Force for a Special Branch
  12. Marine Corps Special Operations Command Activated
  13. Special Operations makes mark on Global War on Terrorism
  14. Army Special Ops Pioneer Dies
  15. Army Special Ops impress visiting civilian leaders
  16. Stay Awake and Alert
  17. Commando Bonuses Add Up
  18. thank you
  19. Cheney Praises 'Silent Professionals' of Special Operations
  20. Tritt, Thomas Honor Fallen Special Ops Soldiers
  21. SOG - Special Forces Group
  22. Officer Requirement Question
  23. ?'s about special forces
  24. Special ops symposium looks at future of coalition warfare
  25. United States Special Operations Command Announces Award for The Special Operations F
  26. Military Seeks Increased Intelligence Capabilities
  27. Military offers special perks in bid to retain special forces
  28. Kiper sent to record soldiers' stories in Afghanistan
  29. Founding member of Army's elite force honored
  30. Special Forces Enter CIA Territory With a New Weapon
  31. Commandos Around the World
  32. Black Hawk Down
  33. USJFCOM ACTD to improve personnel recovery operations
  34. A lot of info
  35. Are you Special Forces material
  36. Weapons Of The Special Forces
  37. 9/11 Remembered
  38. Elite Soldiers Leaving for Higher Pay
  39. Long Range Patrolling
  40. What to Wear
  41. Lethal Caliber
  42. Tabbed or Scrolled...
  43. Loosing a Ranger
  44. Post all Option 40 questions here (Ranger contract)