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  1. LCS may be part of future distributed ops
  2. 24th MEU Marines Find 'Dead Zone'
  3. Evacuation efforts complete, 24th MEU ends Lebanon mission
  4. 24th MEU Marines return in peace
  5. BHR, Marines Conduct Non-Combatant Evacuation Exercise
  6. Elite training sharpens unit's lethal skills
  7. Strike group, MEU to deploy
  8. III MEF Marines provide aid in Indonesia
  9. 26th MEU wraps up CPX training, prepares for pre-deployment training
  10. 31st MEU debarks for Cobra Gold 06
  11. 22nd MEU home from Iraq
  12. 31st MEU put to the test during special training at Camp Foster
  13. Special ops exercise keeps MEU sharp
  14. 31st MEU trains with high-tech operations center
  15. 24th MEU rehearses HA missions
  16. Marines begin loading ships for ESGEX
  17. 26 MEU Readies For Road Ahead
  18. 22nd MEU recalled to Kuwait
  19. 4th MEB shuts down
  20. 13th MEU returns
  21. Expeditionary Strike Group set to deploy to Western Pacific, Indian oceans
  22. 3/8 Strikes Mojave Viper
  23. 2,000 Marines, sailors heading to Guam for TRUEX
  24. 31st MEU, Philipine Marines conduct combined amphibious landing
  25. 31st MEU assaults air field, kicks off Philippine Amphibious Landing Exercise
  26. 13th MEU (SOC), Coalition Forces demonstrate amphibious capabilities
  27. 26th MEU completes distributed ops in CENTCOM AOR
  28. 13th MEU leaves San Diego for six-month deployment
  29. 13th MEU trains for embassy reinforcement during SOCEX
  30. 26th MEU begins training in Kuwait desert
  31. 15th MEU (SOC) returns to ESG after tour in Baghdad
  32. 31st MEU Marines clear grove in Hadithah
  33. 24th MEU works to help Iraq election
  34. MEU wraps up Crescent City TRUEX
  35. 11th MEU holds down Fallujah rear
  36. 26th MEU enhances urban warfare capabilities in New Orleans
  37. 24th MEU rolls up suspects on busy Marine Corps birthday in Babil province
  38. 24th MEU celebrates birthday in Iraq
  39. 11th MEU Marine receives Navy Cross in Iraq
  40. 24th MEU takes bridge as part of operation
  41. Precision Strike Targets Major Weapons Cache in Iraq
  42. 1st LAR rolls out of Iraq
  43. Suicide car bomb kills seven U.S. Marines, three Iraqis
  44. 31st MEU Departs For Iraq
  45. 22nd MEU Afghanistan Recap: Operation THUNDER ROAD