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  1. Navy orders 8 new Virginia-class subs
  2. USS Hyman G. Rickover Inactivated
  3. Carrier crew's final mission.
  4. Legendary USS Wahoo Wrechage Found.
  5. Historic aircraft carrier USS Intrepid being moved for first time in 24 years for rep
  6. Navy debuts its newest nuclear-powered submarine off Florida coast
  7. $513B defense bill would keep carrier Kennedy
  8. Senate move would open door to JFK decommissioning
  9. Navy Designates Next-Generation Zumwalt Destroyer
  10. 313-ship plan sent to Congress
  11. Bush plan would give Navy a sub, retire Kennedy
  12. Navy Proposes New Hi-Tech Destroyer
  13. Navy speedster doubles up on cutting-edge technology
  14. Halsey, McCain families celebrate new destroyer
  15. Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer Named After Adm Halsey
  16. just wondering
  17. Problems on new ship a bad sign, analyst warns
  18. Carrier America sunk
  19. Navy's First Littoral Combat Ship Honors Freedom
  20. No more battleships?
  21. Navy names ship in honor of airman killed on duty
  22. A DAy in the life of an Officer?
  23. Best Ship?
  24. USS Nitze (DDG 94)
  25. USS Oriskany (CV-34, later CVA-34
  26. USS Saratoga
  27. Navy Christens X-Craft
  28. Lockheed Gets U.S. Go-Ahead To Begin LCS Construction
  29. I think the Navy should bring Back PT boats!!!
  30. Carrier strike groups
  31. USS Bataan Completes Sea Trials
  32. Cheaper Alternatives Exist to USN Sea Base Plan: Report
  33. Uss Ronald Reagan Enters San Diego Harbor
  34. Stores Ships
  35. Maritime Prepositioning Ships
  36. Mine Countermeasures Ships
  37. Tank Landing Ships
  38. Amphibious Transport
  39. Amphibious Cargo Ships
  40. Amphibious Command Ships
  41. Landing Craft Air Cushion (lcac)
  42. Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Ships
  43. Fast Sealift Ships
  44. Dry Cargo Ships
  45. Aircraft Carriers
  46. Submarine Rescue Ships
  47. Submarine Tender
  48. Rescue, Salvage And Towing Ships
  49. Replenishment Oilers
  50. Fast Combat Support Ships
  51. Fleet Oilers
  52. Combat Stores Ships
  53. Ammunition Ships
  54. Cruisers
  55. Destroyers
  56. Frigates
  58. USS American CV 66
  59. USS Constellation CV 64
  60. Kitty Hawk is one of 12 aircraft carriers
  61. USS Ticonderoga Decommissioned
  62. Navy chief hints fewer new ships needed for war on terror
  63. Tarawa class ship details
  64. Submarine History
  65. Navy To Commission New Guided-Missile Destroyer Chung-Hoon
  66. Dd (x)
  67. What shipclass is best to serve on?